ORNL unveils 3-D printed car and building

A researcher disembarks from a 3-D printed car unveiled as part of AMIE’s (Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy) demonstration during EERE (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy) Industry Day at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015. A 3-D printed building, which uses an integrated system to share energy with the vehicle, was also unveiled […]

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Defense export session scheduled as part of STEAM ENGINE USA

SMITHFIELD – A special business-development session for defense industry manufacturers will be held next week through STEAM Engine USA, an initiative by the R.I. Commerce Corporation that’s working to enhance economic and workforce potential by bridging the gap between designers and manufacturers. The session will be held on Tuesday at the John H. Chafee Center […]

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New Airbus A350 XWB Aircraft Contains Over 1,000 3D Printed Parts

When it comes to manufacturing components within the aerospace industry, 3D printing is gradually inching its way into the process. We have seen numerous applications for end-use 3D printed parts byspace agencies such as NASA as well as aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. The aircraft manufacturing sector will continue to benefit from these […]

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The Future Of Manufacturing: Sensors, 3-D Printers, And Data Science

3D, additive, Manufacturing

A new McKinsey report says 3-D printing, sensors, and lots of data-science jobs are coming to America’s factories. A new study from consulting giant McKinsey says factories are the next fertile ground for the “Internet of things.” The report, called Industry 4.0: How to Navigate a Changing Industrial Landscape, also says something intuitive: Over the […]

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Inexpensive table-top robots will disrupt light manufacturing

Summary:Collaborative robots for light industry are coming along at precisely the right moment. They’re primed for quick adoption, and that means big changes for small- and mid-sized manufacturers. Last month’s Automate 2015, which organizers bill as the largest showcase of automation technologies in North America, signaled a change in the wind for light manufacturing. Alongside […]

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3D Printing: Are You Ready For The New Decentralized Industrial Revolution?

THE WORLD AROUND us has advanced so much that science fiction is no more a fiction. Moving from prototyping to tooling, additive manufacturing commonly known as 3D printing has expanded to full-scale end-part production and replacement part production. Be it a 3D printed bionic ear enabling you to hear beyond human hearing frequencies, 3D printed […]

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