A thriving, revitalized manufacturing sector requires a healthy ecosystem.

Manufacturers will need to understand new potential markets and product development based on their current operations. Designers will want to find manufacturers that can make their ideas a reality. Workers will need to learn new tools and techniques as companies grow, shift, and modify operations. Gaps will need to be found and resources and tools will need to be established to fill them. All parties will need to find each other and understand how the relationship will help them.

Currently in pilot stage, STEAM ENGINE USA is working to build this ecosystem and test the ideas and tools that hope to bridge the gaps towards larger business and economic success. The key levers of the STEAM ENGINE USA ecosystem are network development, design readiness assessment, industrial design and advanced manufacturing asset sharing, innovation pipeline, and workforce and skills development.


  • A manufacturer wanting to access design services to make a product smarter, cheaper, stronger, or better
  • A manufacturer looking for capabilities or equipment at another manufacturer to produce a product (B2B)
  • A designer looking for a manufacturer to help make their idea a reality
  • A manufacturer wanting to find existing “defense-related” Intellectual Property for new product development and enhancements to existing products
  • A manufacturer in the defense supply chain that has intellectual property they want to license to another party
  • A manufacturer in another state (DoD/OEA network) looking for intellectual property to support a new requirement, or new product in support of an existing DoD client
  • Businesses that are part of the supply chain for manufacturers
  • Researchers, existing companies, makers and investors who want to help drive the advanced manufacturing economy forward
  • Workers and students who want to develop new skills and take on new opportunities
  • Citizens who want to see a strong, nimble, and thriving manufacturing economy