STEAM ENGINE USA is an initiative powered by Commerce RI in partnership with over 18 leaders and stakeholders in the RI manufacturing and design communities. The project is being managed by Fourth Economy Consulting and a nationally recognized team in innovation, workforce development, and communications.

Managed By

Commerce RI Logo

Commerce RI’s mission is to work with public, private and non-profit partners to create the conditions for businesses in all sectors to thrive and to improve the quality of life for our citizens by promoting the State’s long-term economic health and prosperity.

fourth economy logo

Fourth Economy Consulting, based in Pittsburgh, is a national economic development firm providing growth strategies, site selection, market analysis, and community development services.

Main Responsibilities

  • Overall project manager
  • Defense industry baseline
  • Network development
  • Growth area identification
  • Implementation plan
thomas p miller logo

Thomas P. Miller & Associates, LLC (TPMA) is a consulting and management firm based in Indianapolis, IN, with associate offices in Lexington, KY and Youngstown, OH. TPMA incorporates workforce development and education advancement approaches into the mainstream of economic development strategy.

Main Responsibilities

  • Sector and workforce analysis
innovation accelerator

Innovation Accelerator (IA) was founded in 2008 as the private side of a public-private partnership with the National Science Foundation to promote our nation’s competitiveness in the global economy by promoting our nation’s innovation. IA helped launch the Innovation, Manufacturing, Materials & Science Institute (IMMSI) to identify U.S. manufacturing resources with idle capacity and connect them with entrepreneurs with emerging technologies. The iBridge network is the world’s largest intellectual property marketplace, with over 170 participating universities and 18,000 listed patents and innovations. It does both IP licensing and is shifting to enterprise creation.

Main Responsibilities

  • Tech Transfer
myranda logo

MYRANDA is a strategic communications, marketing and public affairs group using pivotal moments to take thoughts to action and realize success for clients. We apply innovation and high-level strategy to an array of communication tools and initiatives that position our clients as leaders, catalyzes awareness, and instigates positive change.

Main Responsibilities

  • Communication and outreach
orange square logo

Orange Square is a marketing communication strategy and design firm comprising marketing experts, visual designers, web developers, and writers. Its founder is a strategist and designer dedicated to helping clients communicate their brand and mission more effectively.

Main Responsibilities

  • Communication and outreach