STEAM ENGINE USA was born to enhance the potential that sits at the intersection of industrial design and advanced manufacturing.

Our goal is to help companies realize the benefits of new manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing and rapid prototype development, as well as spur new business development opportunities, innovations and growth of workforce talent.

industrial design and manufacturing

A manufacturing renaissance is possible when we use all of our resources in the most effective combinations.

STEAM ENGINE USA has its roots in Rhode Island, a state that was an historic world leader in manufacturing, is rich in leading academic institutions and research centers, and is renowned for its world class design community. STEAM ENGINE USA is uncovering the possibilities at the point where all of these assets converge.

Integrating the unique perspective of designers with the research and training systems of educational institutions, STEAM ENGINE USA optimizes the process of developing and manufacturing new products. Accounting for workforce development, the function, value and appearance of products, and the materials and processes that go into manufacturing, STEAM ENGINE USA addresses all aspects of business innovation. A new, durable, and nimble approach, we aim to spur diversification and acceleration with design and design thinking as the lynchpin.

Peruse this website to learn more about this initiative and ways you can get involved. For more details and a comprehensive overview, click here to access our Frequently Asked Questions.


  • accelerate

    Accelerate Manufacturing Renaissance

  • product dev

    Company diversification and new product development

  • growth

    Advance skills to meet next generation manufacturing growth

  • minimize

    Minimize up-front infrastructure costs of manufacturing

  • ahead of curve

    Getting ahead of the curve in key industry shifts; design and manufacturing/defense

  • network

    A robust private-academic-public network to advance RI economic interests

  • attract interest

    Attract interest and investment to the state

  • cogs

    Define a sustainable model for a design and manufacturing center that will serve other manufacturing sectors

  • national center

    National Center building the Rhode Island design and manufacturing brand